Xiaomi’s solution to save your messy cables and thus enjoy a photo desk

We already know that Xiaomi has an almost infinite catalog of products for sale. But, since they are not best sellers, there are brand products that we may not be aware of and that are actually very interesting. And they are because They have very low prices in exchange for offering useful solutions to everyday needs.

And this is the case of the Xiaomi Mi Power Cord Storage Box, a box designed to store cables under a lacquered wooden lid that does not clash with any type of desk and, in return, helps you to have all the cables tidy, hidden and protected from the dust and dirt that sometimes accumulate.

It is called Xiaomi Mi Power Cord Storage Box

At first glance, the image does not seem very inspired: a simple plastic box with a lid and two openings on each side. But actually, The Xiaomi Mi Power Cord Storage Box already has news and improvements compared to other boxes to manage cables that we have seen in Ikea or in some large surfaces.

For example, attention is drawn to bottom openings for dissipation of excess temperature and also the four rubber feet to ensure that the box does not tip over under the twist of thicker cables.

Made in High quality ABS, this box has been certified to withstand temperatures from -40º to 70ºC. With completely rounded corners, its lid with raised edges is also striking, which turns the base into a comfortable tray even to leave charging a mobile phone like the Xiaomi 12 or a convertible like the Xiaomi BookS 12.4″.

Gio Thieu Hop Dung Day Dien O Cam Xiaomi 8

If we take a look at their measurements, almost 30 centimeters long by just over 10 centimeters wide We will verify that a strip of four or five connectors fits perfectly inside. Its height reaches the exact 14 centimetersenough for all types of chargers, even “pocket”.

Some contained but wide dimensions to have all your setup controlled and to be able to turn it on or off with the individual button on the strip, something essential if you want to avoid the said phantom consumption left by the devices when they are on stand-by.

Price and availability of the Xiaomi Storage Box

Gio Thieu Hop Dung Day Dien O Cam Xiaomi 4

Although this cable storage and management box is not available in Spain, it is possible to buy it through stores such as Aliexpress, at a price of 23 eurosbut sometimes it is easy to find it with coupons and discounts that put it under 20 euros. Anyway, if you want to have all your cables organized, this is the solution.

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