xQc explains why he thinks Twitch won’t ban gambling

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Since the slots began to become popular in Twitterthere have been many streamers who have positioned themselves totally against this type of content of, shall we say, dubious morality.

So much so that, even, those responsible for the purple platform have commented that they are investigating this problem in depth, even considering take actions to remedy it.

Nevertheless, xQc, who on more than one occasion has acknowledged having problems with the game, believes that, under no circumstances, Twitch is going to prohibit betting. And, the truth is, he has his reasons to believe it.

“Why? Well, it’s not about money. If Twitch bans gambling, should ban almost half of the games. Half of the games have stakes, unfortunately,” he explained in a recent live stream.

CS:GO crates are gamblingopen boxes Apex is gambling. Half of it is gambling and therefore they should also ban those games,” xQc continued to explain.

Like it or not, the popular streamer’s argument makes a lot of sense. Even so, we will still have to wait to know what action the Twitch management will take on this matter. Time will tell.


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