Yasser Quesada conquers the scepter of the chess tournament in the Dominican Republic

The Cuban Yasser Quesada sealed this Thursday the conquest of the throne in the Annual International Classic of Chess Pedro Henríquez Ureña in Memorial of Santo Domingo 2022, in Dominican Republicaccording to official media on the island.

The current national champion prevailed on the farewell date to the host Hugo Orizondo, of much lower rank, and thus completed eight points in nine rounds without a trace of defeats, according to a note published in the sport portal Hit.

Yasser achieved seven successes and only agreed a couple of draws against the American representative Alejandro Ramírez and the Argentine Fernando Peralta, who completed the podium in that order, with accumulated 6.5 and six units, respectively.

Ramírez said goodbye signing peace with the Dominican Juan Carlos Mesa while Peralta capitulated in his duel against the Mexican Manuel León Hoyos. The Aztec completed 5.5 units and was fourth due to a better tiebreaker than the Spanish José Fernando Cuenca, winner in the bye-bye round over the local Víctor Isaac Michelen.

In addition to the scepter, the performance in the contest gave Yasser 13.9 stripes for his Elo coefficient, points out Hit. Although its current accumulated is 2 thousand 580 units, the performance rating after official calculations it is 2 thousand 704 points.

The publication recalls that the contest also served to pay tribute to Pedro Henríquez Ureña, a writer and philosopher born in the Dominican capital, whose work left an imprint on the various countries in which he lived, including Cuba, Mexico and Argentina.

The year 2022 has been good for the Cuban monarch, who added six points out of a possible 10 as defender of the first board in the recent Olympiad Chennai Chess Championship 2022.

He also starred in other good performances in competitions away from home, although his time at the 55th International Chess Tournament was discreet. Capablanca in Memoryin which he could barely score 2.5 units in nine rounds.

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