You can now write WhatsApp messages from your Android tablet

One of the most anticipated features of WhatsApp is about to reach everyone. But the great news is that a part of the application’s users can already use it. And it is that one of the worst aspects of this app has always been that it is not possible to use the application on different devices beyond desktop PCs and laptops. For these there has been a new multi-device mode for months that allows us to use the messaging app on the PC even if our mobile is turned off. Now this functionality goes up a notch, and it will offer us the possibility of writing these messages also from an Android tablet.

It’s already in testing

As you know, every new feature that comes to our WhatsApp has previously gone through a trial period. And in that phase is precisely the new feature for the beta of the application. It is about the compatibility of this with Android tablets. To be able to use it it is necessary to install the beta of Android. When we install it on our tablet, and if we are beta users, we will have the possibility to access the registration of it in our account as an authorized device.

In the same way that we use it on our mobile, reading a QR code, it is possible to identify yourself within the application on the tablet. In this way, now we can use the same account on up to 4 different devices, and it no longer has to be our mobile and two PCs, but we can add a tablet with an Android operating system to the equation. In this way we can now send and receive messages from WhatsApp on a tablet with the Android operating system, even if our mobile is turned off without battery.

You already know the next iteration of this functionality, because it is expected that new mobile phones will also be added shortly, which will not have to match the number of our main WhatsApp account. As you can imagine, this function for tablets at the moment is limited to beta users, so the vast majority of Android mobile users cannot use it yet. But it seems that it will not take long to reach everyone if it is already available in this preliminary version, which means that it is ready to be released to everyone, but it just needs some tweaking and above all to be sure that everything works well.

An interesting aspect of this new feature is that, even if we have an iPhone, it is possible to link your account WhatsApp to a tablet that we have with Android, so the compatibility in this aspect is total. Finally it seems that Meta is putting the batteries in this aspect, and that soon it will be as easy to use on different devices as its competitors. Although it could even surpass them with a level of multi-device compatibility not seen before. It is to be hoped that in a few weeks we will have this mode available to all WhatsApp users.


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