“You can ruin a person’s life”

Gonzalo Higuain is enjoying his last years of soccer in the mls. Enrolled in the ranks of Inter Miami, the Argentine is living a second youth. A very different situation from the one experienced during his time in Europe and in his National Team. In the United States he enjoys himself without the media pressure.

The striker spoke about all the problems arising from the harsh attacks received by fans. “Me I lived 15 years unnaturally. People think that we footballers have an easy and made life, and no, not at all. We don’t have the same right to go down the street,” she explained in an interview for TyC Sports.

The former player of real Madrid, Juventus either Naples He has always been highly criticized from the stands for the chances he missed on the field of play. The weight of him was also another trigger when it came to receiving boos. But he is not willing to go through an ordeal again. “At this point in my life I can’t tolerate it anymore,” he said.

Media pressure has been one of the most difficult elements he has had to deal with. An ordeal for the player who claimed not to have had a good time during those tense situations. “They insult you and you can’t react, because if you do, the repercussion is double. If you lose an important game or miss a goal, you can’t go out on the street,” he added.

The harassment in the networks was another of the protagonists. He showed how social media can do a lot of damage to gamers’ heads. Fortunately, he seems to have left all those ghosts behind.I never suffered them in person, only because of the anonymous ones on social networks. But I’m sure this is over when they have to show their faces. Today jokes are made with all kinds of things, but we have to be aware of what is generated, because with five seconds in front of a computer you can ruin a person’s life, “he stressed.

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leave the critics behind

One of the worst moments of the ‘pipita‘ was his failure in the final of the World Cup 2014. The striker of the Argentine national team missed a very clear chance to put his team ahead. In the end they would end up losing and he was left as one of the greats indicated after the match against Germany.

Despite the hard time, he seems to have forgotten it and has radically turned the page. “I am already at a point in my life where neither praise makes me feel the best nor criticism the worst. The most important thing is balance, and when one is calm with oneself, the other is secondary,” he added.

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HiguaĂ­n is happy with his performance with Argentina and he refers to the facts. “I am calm because I gave my life and more for the national team. I am proud of what I gave for Argentina and I have absolutely no regrets”.

He also wanted to give advice to all those footballers and the bad times they face during their career. “It would be good, from my humble point of view, not to see everything negative. We had to play the finals, they were lost, but we played them. Clearly, the only thing that counts in football is success and not the path one takes, but it is also important to see the positive that has been achieved and to see it with a source of pride. There were boys who had never seen a world final and lived it “, he reflected on how to deal with criticism and defeats in football.


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