You must MEET THEM to be able to Participate

It is mandatory to comply with these Requirements to be able to participate in the United States Visa Lottery 2024.

In this article we explain what you should keep in mind if you plan to take advantage of this possibility as part of the United States Diversity Visa Program for fiscal year 2024.

The good news is that they only need to be taken into account two requirements to apply to this program and try your luck, they are:

Requirement #1 Being from an eligible country

Be a national of one of the eligible countries for the 2024 United States Visa Diversity Program it is an essential condition, so you must review the call to see if you can apply or not.

However, in case of not being a native of one of the eligible countries, the person has other alternatives that will allow him to participate, they are:

  • Be married to someone native to one of the eligible countries and have official evidence of that marriage in the registry of the eligible nation. You can verify this in the list published by the Department of State on the eligible and ineligible countries for the 2024 Green Card Lottery.
  • If the person applying was not born in an eligible country, they can claim the country of origin of their parents in case it is an eligible nation, if they were neither citizens nor residents of the country of origin of the person when they were born.

Requirement #2 Level of education completed

Another condition for all who are interested in opting for the 2024 United States Visa Diversity Program is that They must have completed high school or its equivalent in another country.

The above assumes successfully complete twelve years of study in which formal primary and secondary education are included, therefore an applicant must be at least 18 years old, since it is the age at which that educational stage is completed that is requested as a condition.

If the interested person does not comply with what has been referred to, they can opt for the program of having at least two years of work experience of the last five, in a job that requires a minimum of two years of experience to fulfill the proper job roles.

It is not about any occupation either, but rather those that the State Department has registered in its official database that qualify, to take into account in case the applicants do so by taking advantage of that alternative.

It is recommended not to make requests to the program if you do not meet the above requirements, as this implies the automatic disqualification of the person making the request.


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