your Xiaomi mobile hides a tool that almost nobody uses and diagnoses the network

Have you noticed that the Wifi It doesn’t go as fast as before, that the connection drops from time to time and fails when you try to watch a series or just make a video call? These types of problems have a solution, but first it is necessary to make an accurate diagnosis. And as, We can carry out this diagnosis directly from the mobile, without having to go to any application of third parties.

And it is that Xiaomi mobiles do not stop giving surprises, every so often we discover new functions hidden between the menus. Your Xiaomi hides a speed test and a secret menu which is as advanced as a testing lab. But even more specific is this test to check the state of the network.

How to find the ‘Check Network’ tool

The vast majority of Xiaomi and Redmi phones updated with MIUI 12 Y MIUI 13 can enjoy this feature that checks the quality and speed of your connection, in order to repair it if we detect any type of anomaly.

It is very simple to use. And for this you just have to open the applications section and follow the following path:

  1. Get in the ‘Settings‘ of the system.

  2. Now tap on the option ‘SIM cards and mobile networks‘.

  3. In this new window you will have to go down to the ‘Advanced settings‘.

Once inside this section you can choose to activate such crucial functions if we leave the Spanish territory as the ‘data roaming‘. But the function we are interested in is called ‘Mobile network diagnostics‘ and is a function that performs multiple connections to detect network failures.


To activate it we just have to touch the central section, the one that appears in blue with the name ‘check the network‘. This will start a speed test that will measure different connection values, to know if your network suffers from additional latency or if the connection frequencies are too saturated and congested.

A fast and very functional function to check what may be wrong, which application is demanding more connection resources and how much data you have downloaded so far.

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