Yulen Pereira, in the spotlight for his past before ‘Survivors’

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Yulen Pereira has enjoyed the last few months full of emotions with her participation in ‘Survivors‘. The athlete was the tenth expelled after 80 days of competition in which he faced hunger, difficult tests and the always complicated challenge of living with his teammates. But luckily he found unbeatable support, that of Anabel Pantoja, with whom he began a sentimental relationship that lasts to this day and with whom he has gone to Egypt to enjoy a few days of vacation.

His arrival in Spain was hand in hand with a sudden fame totally removed from the one he enjoyed as a fencer, because now his face has occupied hours and hours of television and it seems that things are going to continue like this for a while. Pereira attracts attention and attention, which is not always positive. In fact, since ‘Save me’ they have already got down to work with the investigation to try to find out what Yulen was like on a sentimental level before his entry into ‘Survivors‘ and, above all, how he acted when he went out partying.

“He used to come here a lot,” the goalkeeper of a nightclub told the Telecinco program. For her part, a witness went one step further: “She was fooling around with all my friends and me too”, he declared. “In ‘Survivors’ it has lasted as long as it has lasted because it has come close to the hottest flame. He is with Anabel, but he is because of the last name. He likes more young girls”, he added.

“He is not a girlfriend guy”

From ‘Sálvame’ they also managed to get in touch with some friends of the athlete who assured how much they are surprised that he is in a relationship: “You have seen money there and you have to be a fool not to take advantage of it. I’m surprised he’s in a serious relationship, he’s not a girlfriend guy”. And it is that according to other witnesses his intentions were clear: “He was very naughty, he said he was an elite athlete, that he was fencing, so he took them all to the streets”. “I was pick and shovel with my friends, we were in the booth and I was always pick and shovel with everyone.”

To make matters worse, his friends gave him the finishing touch: “He used to make music and the people he made music with no longer hang out with him. We saw him in passing, he did not come to say hello. The world of celebrity is very bad, it changes you. He used to be very humble and he no longer greets like before”.

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